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Data Backup and Recovery

Data Recovery

Have you ever had the misfortune of losing important and irreplaceable data on your computer? Has your hard drive or flash drive failed? Have you experienced file system corruption or you can’t transfer data from an external media source to your computer? Data loss is not only inconvenient but costly! And in these emergencies you need urgent, professional and confidential advice. Our technicians are able to come to your home or business, diagnose the problem and offer remedies to ensure the highest success of your data being recovered.

As each situation is unique, we are happy to discuss the problem over the phone and provide an estimate for you, obligation free.

Data Recovery is a specialist service which may need to be performed at our offsite workshop. The recovery can take up to a few days using advanced techniques which we specialise in. At DF IT Solutions, we also have access to proficient software enabling us to retrieve the data with a higher success rate than standard software based recovery practices.

IMPORTANT: One of the main reasons behind data loss is actual physical damage to the hard drive. It is therefore imperative that you stop using your device, turn the system off and call one of our specialists immediately.

Call DF IT Solutions today if you would like to get a competitive quote for your data recovery service on 0434 612 067. Our friendly and professional staff can guide you through the process required to recover your data as quickly and successfully as possible.

Data Backup

Files, information and data can be lost from your computer in numerous ways. They can be accidentally deleted, a virus or other form of malware may “wipe-off” them off your computer or you hard drive may fail completely. It can happen at any time and when it does the damage can be significant. Metaphorically speaking, it’s like your house burning down. Important personal items are usually gone forever—family photos, significant documents, downloaded music, and more.

Thankfully there is a process that will “back-up” your data to a secure and separate location. This simple process can save you a lot of trouble and money down the track. It is your best insurance to protect your data from Viruses, Malware or complete computer failure. By using this “back-up” process, lost data can simply be recovered and restored to its original destination and you’ll be up and running again.

Today there are many options available for users to “back-up” your important data. Our technicians are equipped with the latest back-up tools and know-how to provide you with a tailor made solution for your best “back-up” plan. Whether it is a simple manual “backup” or an automatic periodical unassisted “backup” we have the solution for your individual needs.


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