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Managed Server Hosting

Fully Managed Server Hosting in Melbourne

Choosing a managed server hosting in Melbourne can benefit your business up to a great extent. DF IT Solutions are the leaders in personalized service providing tailor-made managed server hosting and  IT Support solutions according to your company’s needs and requirements.

What is Managed Server Hosting?

A managed server hosting provides you with full access to all resources on single, dedicated server. It has many benefits including full control over resources, enhanced security and root access.

Providing required business IT support in Melbourne, our efficient team of technology experts lets you enjoy the following benefits:

  • You won’t need to spend on expensive server hardware
  • No more power expenses to run the server
  • No risk of theft or damage
  • No environmental dangers
  • No negative customer experiences or lost sales
  • Lower maintenance costs

A managed server hosting in Melbourne is perfect for:

High Traffic Websites – If your website is experiencing a high traffic and this outgrows the traditional shared hosting, a managed server can prove as a rescue as it will give your site the power to run quickly, reliably without any interruption.

Large E-commerce Websites – For these websites, downtime means lost sales. So, having the managed server will nullify this situation by withstanding high traffic during the busiest times and keeping your sales easily rolling in.

Companies with High Profile Clients – If you are able to pitch the high-profile clients, you will need a properly managed server to stream their needs. Our business IT support in Melbourne will enable you to provide a fast and reliable experience.

Reseller Hosting -If you are a web designer or a developer, you can easily create additional revenue from each of your clients by hosting their websites on your own managed server.

What Will Our Managed Server Hosting Provide You?

  • Fully Managed Support

Our expert team of IT support in Melbourne will handle every single aspect of the server setup, monitoring service and maintenance as per your requirements. You can choose from our comprehensive list of support services accordingly to ensure you are gaining a fully managed support for your business.

  • Network Infrastructure

With managed server hosting in Melbourne, you avail the full management of your network infrastructure, including installation, updating or maintenance. In addition, routers, switches, super-efficient power systems and bandwidth facilities are also covered.

  • OS Installation and Configuration

Installation and configuration of the operating system will also be managed by our team of business IT support in Melbourne.

  • Customized Monitoring

We understand the concept of constant vigilance; hence carry out the constant monitoring. The key to success is an immediate response to the alerts and executing your requests. Backed by the team of well-trained and dedicated personnel of IT support in Melbourne, we resolve your IT queries upfront, without any hassle.

  • Hardware Procurement and Deployment

Our team also takes care of ordering the necessary hardware components and building the exact servers for you. We even have the provision of spare parts and extra servers in the event of server repair or replacement on the requirement.

  • Administration Support

You will receive a complete administrative support under our managed server hosting in Melbourne through full hardware maintenance, on-site and technical support.

  • Rapid Response and Recovery

With our efficient and prompt IT support in Melbourne, there are no reasons to worry as our expert team can rapidly restore data, servers and functionality as a whole.

Experience the Difference with Our Managed Server Hosting

Everyone, including you, would want that your IT system works properly. But the reality is; doing it on a personal level hampers your IT team’s performance by spending too much time on keeping the lights on, managing vendors and other daily operations.

You need to continually manage and optimize your server hosting for your infrastructure to deliver maximum business value. So, if you are lacking the resources and expertise to perform the IT work in-house, opt for our accurate, efficient and prompt IT support in Melbourne.

Entrusting this responsibility to our business IT support in Melbourne will assist you to get the most value out of your IT investment, as we perform the tasks that you can’t or prefer not to!

Customize Your Hosting Experience with Us

We do not follow the approach of ‘one size fits all’, rather we are inclined towards providing you with the customized managed server hosting in Melbourne that fits best with your business.

If you are in need of one such reliable business IT support in Melbourne and IT Consulting Company Melbourne, our experienced technicians will come to your place, understand your business, provide you with the customized solution, install your network and have it operational in no time. For more information, call us directly to get an obligation free quote. Call us at 03 9576 1155.

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