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Computer networks enable users to share resources and communicate with one another. Can you imagine a world without the convenience of emails, online news, information, blogs, chat and the other networking solutions offered by the internet?

If you have two or more computers, we can setup a network at your home or business. You will then have the convenience of being able to share resources and information securely within your own network. Our networking solutions and services include wireless connections which allow you to use your laptop or tablet without leaving your couch, share a single Internet connection, swap music, share a printer, centralise information, hook up other devices and much more. All without the need of any wires or cables!

Our network services include:

For home users:

  • Connecting your router to the internet
  • Establish a secure wireless network
  • Connecting your devices to your wireless network
  • Configure file sharing between your computers
  • Share an existing printer between your computers
  • Install and connect additional devices
  • Network & Internet repair service

For Business

  • Configuring and connecting networking hardware (Routers, Switches etc.)
  • Setting up network software (Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 or SBS)
  • Setup Active Directory (adding users, computers, passwords, permissions etc.)
  • TCP/IP network setup
  • DHCP and DNS Configuration
  • Connecting local network to the Internet
  • Setup Outlook and other e-mail configuration
  • Sharing all network devices such as printers

Our experienced technicians will come to your place, install your network and have it operational in no time. We will also show you some helpful hints for managing your network to get the best value from it.

Quick and Reliable Networking Services in Melbourne

DF IT Solutions offer supreme quality networking services to clients in Melbourne. The main purpose of our IT support networking services in Melbourne is to allow the users to communicate with one another. A network can be set up with two or more computers at home or business. With our IT support services in Melbourne, clients will have the convenience of being able to share resources and information with the company’s network.

As part of our business, Business IT support Melbourne service we provide networking solutions and services including wireless connections, that allow users to avail many benefits associated with networking.

What Is Networking?

Networking is a technology that allows the exchange of data in between small and large information systems. It is primarily used by educational institutions and businesses.

Networking is the construction, design and use of networks. It includes the physical, selection, use of telecommunication protocol and computer software for using and managing the network, establishment of operational policies and processes related to networking.

What Can We Offer You?

Our top-rated network services include:

For Home Users

  • Connecting the router to the internet
  • Establishing a secure wireless network
  • Connecting the device to a wireless network
  • Configuring file sharing between computers
  • Sharing an existing printer between computers
  • Installing and connecting additional devices
  • Providing network and internet repair service

For Business Enterprise

  • Configuring and connecting the networking hardware including routers, switches, etc.
  • Setting up the network software (Windows Server 2008 R2 or SBS from Microsoft)
  • Active directory setup (computers, passwords, permissions, users, etc)
  • Providing TCP/IP networks
  • Configuring DHCP and DNS
  • Local network connection to the internet
  • Setting up outlook and other email configurations
  • Sharing of network devices like printers

Top Benefits of Networking Services:

There are a number of benefits associated with the business IT support networking services in Melbourne and can be divided into two basic categories: connectivity and sharing. Networking helps the users in the following ways:

  • Communication and Connectivity

Networking services in Melbourne are used for connecting computers and users of the computers. Network users can connect with each other using technologies like electronic mail. Due to this business information transmission becomes easier, efficient and less expensive.

  • Sharing of Data

Our expert networking services in Melbourne will allow the employees to share data easily and quickly. Applications which rely on the ability of people to share same data like databases, group software development, can be used. Corporate information can be distributed between business partners and sites using extranets and intranets.

  • Sharing of Hardware

Networking in Melbourne allows users to share hardware devices. A single printer may be placed on a network for many to use.

  • Access to Internet

The internet is a huge network and can be used by people for a variety of purposes.

  • Internet Access Sharing

Business IT support services in Melbourne allow a single internet connection to be used by, multiple users on small computer networks. The bandwidth of a connection can be easily allocated to individuals when required by special hardware devices. This allows an organization to purchase a single high-speed connection, instead of many slow ones.

  • Data Security Management

Networking in Melbourne for a business environment allows the administrators to better manage the critical company data. Networking helps spread data over many small computers. Data can be very easily found by everyone. Administrators can ensure that the data is regularly backed up and allows for the implementation of security measures for controlling who can read or change critical information.

  • Performance Enhancement and Balancing

Business IT support services network in Melbourne can be used to enhance the overall performance of some applications by distributing the computation tasks to computers on a network under some circumstances.

  • Entertainment

Many games and entertainment can be facilitated. Multiplayer games can exist, which operate over a local area network. Many areas can be set up for this purpose and gaming across networks is also popular.

Why Choose Our Services?

Clients must opt for our networking services in Melbourne, if:

  • Staff, suppliers and customers want to share information and be in touch easily.
  • An increase in business efficiency is required, including, acquiring networked access to a common database, which can help avoid the same data being keyed multiple times, preventing errors and saving time.
  • Increasing storage capacity so that clients can access files and multimedia which can be stored remotely on the other machines and storage devices associated with the network.

Our Expert Services

Our IT consulting company in Melbourne are excellent for improving your personal or professional IT networking experience. The business IT support services in Melbourne provided by us will help improve business performance substantially. Our technicians will place, install and connect the network rapidly. Our IT support services in Melbourne will provide helpful hints to the manager so as to receive the best value from it.

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