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Computer networks enable users to share resources and communicate with one another. Can you imagine a world without the convenience of emails, online news, information, blogs, chat and the other services offered by the internet?

If you have two or more computers, we can setup a network at your home or business. You will then have the convenience of being able to share resources and information securely within your own network. Our networking solutions and services include wireless connections which allow you to use your laptop or tablet without leaving your couch, share a single Internet connection, swap music, share a printer, centralise information, hook up other devices and much more. All without the need of any wires or cables!

Our network services include:

For home users:

  • Connecting your router to the internet
  • Establish a secure wireless network
  • Connecting your devices to your wireless network
  • Configure file sharing between your computers
  • Share an existing printer between your computers
  • Install and connect additional devices
  • Network & Internet repair service

For Business

  • Configuring and connecting networking hardware (Routers, Switches etc.)
  • Setting up network software (Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 or SBS)
  • Setup Active Directory (adding users, computers, passwords, permissions etc.)
  • TCP/IP network setup
  • DHCP and DNS Configuration
  • Connecting local network to the Internet
  • Setup Outlook and other e-mail configuration
  • Sharing all network devices such as printers

Our experienced technicians will come to your place, install your network and have it operational in no time. We will also show you some helpful hints for managing your network to get the best value from it.

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