DF IT Solutions is here to provide you solutions, direction and guidance for your IT problems.If you are limited by your current IT setup our services can help you grow and improve your business operations. We offer you personalised business packages with out-of-box solutions, managed IT services and Ad-Hoc IT Support. We can help you prevent data loss, security breaches and catastrophic disasters, improving IT performance and letting you focus on your business strategy.

Business IT Support

Managed IT Services

We deliver services related to IT consulting, support, procurement, infrastructure, and security. Our Managed IT services provide you with comprehensive monitoring, incident triage and reporting, virus and malware protection, help desk and cost-effective IT support solutions. DF IT Solutions` Managed IT packages will help you to:

  • Increase operational efficiency through proactive IT management services;
  • reduce business cost;
  • monitor networking, website and other IT issues;

Help Desk

Our certified technicians have a broad experience in most IT skill sets and will rapidly assist you with any problems. If you need an IT Service Desk function but you do not have the time or resources, you should subcontract it to DF IT Solutions! Our strong experience as Service Desk for specialised software and industry-specific IT services will help your business to grow.

The main benefits of DF IT Solutions Support are: lowest charge-out rates, quick response time, reduction in overall costs, including no travel costs, increased uptime for your business & reduced business stress. With us, support will always be just a phone call away in any computer emergency.

Business IT Support Melbourne
Business IT Support Melbourne

IT Consulting

DF IT can aid you if you are you looking for technology advice.We combine technical, interpersonal and management expertise with a thorough understanding of business processes to consistently deliver quality results. We can provide you direction and help you to develop your IT strategy, networks, virtualization and storage, data centre and cloud migration, data and storage management. Our certified technicians can assist you in areas such as: IT security, networking and communication systems, audit and analysis, hardware and software repairs and updates, project implementation and hosting services.

IT Support

DF IT Solution can help you identify, diagnose and fix problems remotely or on-site. We provide you fast assistance and Service Desk, quick emergency response when required. We have been supporting Microsoft, Linux and Apple based environments on behalf of business customers for almost 8 years. We can assist you with computer and server support.

Business IT Support Melbourne
Business IT Support Melbourne


DF IT Solutions can help you to create a software-based, or virtual, representation of your applications, servers, storage or networks. This is the single most effective way to reduce IT expenses while boosting efficiency and agility for all size businesses. We can help you to increase IT agility, flexibility and scalability while creating significant cost savings. Greater workload mobility, increased performance and availability of resources, automated operations. These are all benefits of DF IT Solutions` virtualization process that make IT simpler to manage and less costly to own and operate.

IT Infrastructure

Our IT infrastructure services include hardware, software, network resources and services required for the existence, operation and management of an enterprise IT environment, or a home-office environment. We can assist you with all components related to your IT-enabled operations that can be used for internal business operations or developing customer IT or business solutions. We specialize in IT Procurement, implementations and upgrades, cloud and data migration, and office relocations.

Business IT Support