Whether it is a home or office, DF IT Solutions can help you relocate your entire setup from one place to another, disconnect and reconnect your devices, setup new equipment, configure and test new settings for a high-performance computing experience. Handling office relocations is one of the most common IT projects, yet it can also be one of the most problematic due to the range of resources and expertise involved. You can select DF IT Solutions to manage any or all technical elements of a relocation, and we encourage clients to contact us early in the process to avoid problems on moving day.

Our certified technicians will help you to maximise computer resources, integrate new equipment, personalise computer settings, add new peripherals, install new hardware, update drivers and everything else you need related to computer equipment installation services.We can help identify which computer resources can be assigned to your new equipment to ensure that your computer runs at its optimal, even with a newly added device. Our customised services allow flexibility and more functionality that let you harness the full capabilities of your computer.


We identify which resources suit best for your new equipment and help install and configure your favorited settings. DF IT Solutions computer setup services helps to eradicate any conflicts that may arise from adding new equipment, hence avoiding errors of conflicts that may happen.

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