Do you want fast, reliable, and quality web hosting service; DF IT Solutions has many years of experience! Its web hosting service has lots of great features, and they are backed – up by Linux, windows platform, ethernet bandwidth, antivirus, and monitoring features. It also has different packages that will fit your budget.


Web Hosting

The flexibility of DF IT Solutions allows you to shift from one package to another. We look at the needs of the business website from the top to the bottom. This also includes the needs of the owners, and the guarantee that they want to have from the web hosting company. When it comes to customer support, our company communicates with its clients. It solves their problems instantly.

Email Hosting

With a 99.9% uptime guarantee from us, there’s no downtime with email and files available on demand.We understand just how critical email is to your business, so we step in and set it all up for you. Just tell us the mailboxes you need upon registration, and we can setup and turn on your professional email.

Businessman drawing E-mails concept on blurred abstract background

DNS (Domain Name Server) Hosting

You are not required to have domain name hosting to keep holding onto the name you have purchased (called domain name registration and renewal), but it is a service you will require if you want people to find you on the internet.  We at DF IT Solutions offer DNS hosting.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificates

DF IT Solutions have certified technicians ready for this task. We can help you obtain SSL/TLS certificates and install them on your web server. With SSL, you’ll be changing your domain name from “http://sitename” to “https://sitename.” This is your way of telling your customers that their information is safe with you—an excellent way to boost trust and loyalty, as well.