DF IT Solutions development services are not only confined to general website. We also develop e-commerce websites which are fully functionable and target effectively your audience. We develop strategies which heightens your business presence on the Internet platform. We develop your website with WordPress, Magento, PHP and Joomla which are ideal for showcasing contents, newsletters, subscription menu, gallery and many more other functionalities.

Website management services

Keep your website up to date with our website support and maintenance service. DF IT Solutions provides‘after’ website launch services to ensure that your website and all its features are working and up to date. We ensure that you are well informed throughout the process of developing your website and after it has launched.

Whether you need modifications on your existing website or you need to make its features or contents more current, our support and maintenance services can provide website improvements for you.

Web content creation

  • WordPress Design: Our web design services can help you to create a custom WordPress website or update your existing website. From WordPress theme selection to customization and updates, to maintenance of your WordPress website, our web design experts can help you through every step of the process.

  • Joomla! Design: We offer support services for websites created with Joomla! Content Management System. We can help you create a custom website design and can also provide continuous service to your established Joomla! Website.

  • Coded Website: For websites that require custom functions and features, our experienced website developers can design a hand coded website from the ground up.

Context-sensitive tags and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Generate website traffic and convert leads into sales with our technicians at DF IT Solutions. We provide a full range of services that also supply to your website design and SEO needs. Some of our SEO strategies include web page optimisation, title tags creation, keyword selection, image optimisation, link building, and more.

Our SEO service can help influence your online marketing strategies resulting in increased web traffic, higher page rankings, and more customer engagement. Choose from our wide range of custom SEO services to help improve your online presence and rankings.

We offer custom SEO services with strategies based on your company’s goals. Experience significant results with optimised pages built for targeted audiences. Our SEO strategies help extend your online marketing reach and amplify your message with optimisation techniques and smart selection of keywords based on research and analysis.

We also offer Website SEO Auditing, which is the initial process that lets you become aware of your website’s status based on search engine results. It identifies potential problems or errors that keep your website from showing up in the list of top results. With regular SEO Auditing, you can keep track of your website’s performance progress and determine which SEO strategy works best.

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