Today’s intruders know many organizations lack internal security expertise to keep up with emerging attacks and struggle to maintain various endpoint threat solutions. We can help you to prevent intruders from destroying your operations by defending every device in your business against security threats.

You will be safe with DFIT Solutions Managed Endpoint Security plans, which flawlessly integrates market-leading endpoint security solutions, your specific requirements and a proven methodology for designing, implementing, transforming and managing security services.

We offer you a customer focused solution, we will monitor, maintain and manage anti-virus technologies 24/7.Additional services fortify your overall security with personal firewall, host intrusion prevention, and devices and applications control.

Gain 24/7 monitoring and maintenance of your service from a centralized management console, which delivers central visibility and control of endpoint threats. Ensuring also steady-state operations with up-to-date policies and protection.

We can rapidly update protection on laptops, desktops and servers automatically. Our strong vendor relationships provide rapid response and threat mitigation, decreasing your operational risk. This shrinks deployment and integration risks while reducing user downtime due to virus infections and outbreaks.We minimize complexity by offering solutions that automate and centralize policy enforcement on endpoint devices.

Protect your reputation — It’s tough to compete in today’s marketplace. The last thing you need is compromised systems. By efficiently protecting endpoints, you minimize the risk of incurring breaches that can impact your ability to attract, retain and reacquire customers.

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