When you decide to implement an IT solution or upgrade your current setup to keep up with the latest technologies, you require a great deal of planning, product experience and understanding of how the software or hardware can be used to achieve your business objectives. During an upgrade of your systems, different dynamics are at play particularly if you have modified your existing software. Knowing how to avoid the drawback is where DF IT Solutions has proven to be a valuable trusted advisor for our clients.

We can assist you with product evaluation and the selection of the available services to ensure you are acquiring tools that will support your current requirements and future business needs. We are also able to help you assess your current solutions viability, effectiveness and need for upgrade. DF IT Solutions offers end-to-end services maximizing information systems efficiency while diminishing time lost to configuration changes and upgrades.

Our approach

Auditing: When beginning to work on your account we will run a full audit on your user base in order to define the technology and application requirements. This information is important as it merges into the design of the complete solution, including the appropriate selection of hardware and the necessary software license purchases.

Standard Operating Environment: A Standard Operating Environment (SOE) definition is part of the IT solutions package. This will minimise the risk of driver issues which in turn will require less need for long term support including maintenance costs.

On Demand packaging: A more efficient approach than bundling applications within the SOE is packaging all applications correctly on demand.

We are also able to help with all your planning and coordination as these are very important aspects to consider when organising deployments across multiple staff groups.

We fully understand how to successfully perform deployments that will maximise results by using structured feedback, scheduling and contingency plans.

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