Maximise the capabilities of your mobile device with customised settings that work with your lifestyle. We at DF IT Solutions can help you unleash the full potential of your mobile gadgets, whether it be for personal use or office use. Our team can help you set up and configure the settings of your mobile device for optimal use.

Screen Repair Melbourne

Securely access emails, social media accounts, files, images, videos, data, and more in a single mobile gadget. Configure settings for work or for play. Set up multiple user accounts for a compartmentalised style. Sort and categorise files and contacts list for easier access and monitoring. Seamlessly integrate your accounts in multiple devices for safe and convenient syncing. Download and setup mobile apps for added functionality and features.

Whether you’re using a Windows Phone, iPhone, or any Android supported phone, we can help you set up, configure, and personalise your settings in the fastest possible time at very affordable rates.

Our customised mobile setup services can help you personalise your mobile device in various ways. From OS setup and configuration, to mobile apps setup, hardware upgrades, data transfer and recovery, hardware repairs, and more.

Battery Replacement
Mobile Repair

We offer professional repair and support solutions for all major mobile phone brands, our popular services included screen repairs and replacement, battery replacement and data recovery, water damage repairs to name a few. All repairs are carried out by our certified technicians.

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